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  1. A Bayesian analysis of binary misclassification by Van Hasselt, Martijn (2017)
  2. Prescription Drug Abuse and Workplace Absenteeism: Evidence from the 2008 2012 National Survey o n Drug Use and Health by Van Hasselt, Martijn and Bray, Jeremy W. (2015)
  3. Performance Against WELCOA’s Worksite Health Promotion Benchmarks Across Years Among Selected US Organizations by Bibeau, Daniel L. and Perko, Michael A. and Weaver, GracieLee M. (2018)
  4. Tracking changes in U.S. organizations’ workplace health promotion initiatives: A longitudinal analysis of performance against quality benchmarks by Bibeau, Daniel L. and Dudley, William N. and Rulison, Kelly L. and Bray, Jeremy W. and Weaver, GracieLee M. (2019)
  5. The Grateful Dead Course @ UNCG: Peace, Love, and Library Collaborations [poster] by Dorsey, Sarah B. and Olsen, Rachel (2019)
  6. Take a CHANCE: Academic Library Outreach to Hispanic and Latinx High School Students [slides] by Houk, Amanda "Amy" Harris and Smith, Kathelene McCarty and Olsen, Rachel and Collins, Armondo (2019)
  7. Revamping First Year Instruction Through Multiple Means [slides] by Dale, Jenny and Murphy, Maggie and Olsen, Rachel (2019)
  8. Redesigning Online Library Tutorials Based on the ACRL Framework [slides] by Dale, Jenny and Olsen, Rachel (2019)
  9. Advancing conceptualisation of university entrepreneurial ecosystems: The role of knowledge-intensive entrepreneurial firms by Link, Albert N. and Sarala, Riikka M. (2019)
  10. Homefront Mobilization, Patriotic Service, and Suffrage: North Carolina Women's Colleges during World War I [poster] by Smith, Kathelene McCarty (2017)

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A guide to the works for and involving Horn by Ruth Gipps

Creasy, Catherine
School of Music

The purpose of this study is to provide information on the body of works for and involving the horn by British composer Ruth Gipps (1921-1999). This guide is intended as a reference for students, teac... View More