Trimod [trichotomous–cubic parametric model]: A systemic advanced tri–coordinate post hoc data morphological analytic and trend analysis procedure designed to comprehensively analyze tri–squared test results

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James Osler, Professor (Creator)
North Carolina Central University (NCCU )
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Abstract: This monograph provides an epistemological rational for the design of an advanced, novel, and sequentialtri–coordinate post hoc parametric metric. The Trichotomous–Cubic Parametric Model (collectively abbreviated as“TRIMOD”) is a rigorous post hoc mathematical data analysis methodology designed to more accurately detail theoutcomes of a statistically significant Tri–Squared Test. This particular statistical test is part two of the research published in3the i-managers Journal on Mathematics entitled, “The Trichotomous–Cubed Test [Tri ]: An Advanced Statistical DataAnalysis Methodology for Tri–Coordinate Meta–Analysis Using the Tri–Squared Test”. TRIMOD infuses the Tri–Cubed Testmodel with the Tri–Squared Test in a detailed sequential Tri–Coordinate series of x, y, and z planar vectors native to theVisualus Isometric Cuboid (Osler, 2010). A series of methodical mathematical calculation procedures are thenconducted to yield the Tri–Cubic Parametric Model outcomes. This statistic further expands the field of post hoctrichotomous tests in terms of morphological and trend analysis analytics that are designed to provide in–depth insightinto the Tri–Squared Test first introduced in the i-managers Journal on Mathematics.

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i-manager’s Journal on Mathematics
Language: English
Date: 2016
Co-ordinates, Extrapolation, General Morphological Analysis, interpolation, Isometric Cuboid, Outcomes, 3 Parametric, Planar Vectors, Research, Results, Statistics, Tri–Cubed Test [Tri ],Trend Analysis, Trichotomous, Trichotomous Categorical Variable [TCV], Trichotomous–Cubic Extrapolation, Trichotomous–Cubic Interpolation, Trichotomous–Cubed Tri–Coordinate Meta–Analysis Test, Trichotomous–Cubic Parametric Model, Trichotomous Outcome Variable [TOV], Tri–Squared Test, Visualus.

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