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  1. Journal on School Educational Technology by Osler, James (2013)
  2. Individual Identity, Authenticity, and Cultural Community: The Perception of Dialect by Students From a Historically Black College/University in the ECHO Vol 9, Number 2, Winter 2014 by Osler, James (2014)
  3. Triostatistics: The Application of Innovative In-Depth Advanced Post Hoc Statistical Metrics for the Assessment and Analysis of Statistically Significant TriSquared Test by Osler, James (2014)
  4. Triology: A Novel, Innovative, and in–Depth Science Concerned with the Mathematical Triadic, Tripartite, and Triplex Components, Content, and Cycles of Life, Learning, Logic, and the Universal Aspects of Nature by Osler, James (2017)
  5. Trioinformatics: The Innovative and Novel Logic Notation That Defines, Explains, and Expresses the Rational Application of The Law of Trichotomy for Digital Instrumentation and Circuit Design by Osler, James (2015)
  6. Trio-Engineering Interapplication and Comprehensive Cohesive Cogitation: The use of Systemic Neuromathematical Trioinformatics to Create, Define, and Express Trichotomous Research Instrumentation and Tri-Squared Analytics by Osler, James (2018)
  7. Trichotomous Visual Analytics [TVA]: Visual Statistical Cumulative Data Analysis Via the Tri-Squared Calculator a Digital Instrument Designed to Present the Outcomes of the Tri-Squared Test by Osler, James (2015)
  8. Teaching Business Looking at the Support Needs of Instructors by Colbert-Lewis, Danielle and Grimwood, Karen and Scott-Branch, Jamillah (2019)
  9. Affordable Food for Thought by Colbert-Lewis, Danielle and Scott-Branch, Jamillah (2019)
  10. Educational Technology Assessment: A Model for Analyzing Online Psychometric Tests for Course Evaluations (Chapter 11 p. 215-246) by Osler, James (2015)

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