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  1. Trioengineering: The procedures that use trioinformatics neuroengineering neuromathematics notation to express, build, define, and inform the application of the trichotomous–based inquiry in digital research design by Osler, James (2018)
  2. Introducing trinova: “Trichotomous nomographical variance” a post hoc advanced statistical test of between and within group variances of trichotomous categorical and outcome variables of a significant tri–squared test by Osler, James (2014)
  3. Trimod [trichotomous–cubic parametric model]: A systemic advanced tri–coordinate post hoc data morphological analytic and trend analysis procedure designed to comprehensively analyze tri–squared test results by Osler, James (2016)
  4. The trimetric tri–squared test: An advanced post hoc exact test designed to statistically determine construct validity by Osler, James (2014)
  5. Introducing tricova: “Trichotomous covariance” a post hoc advanced statistical test of qualitative and quantitative group variances to determine the strength of the relationships between variables of the tri–squared test by Osler, James (2015)
  6. Faculty technology development and integration: Perceptions of HBCU school of education faculty to technology integration and faculty technology development by Osler, James and Bull, Prince Hycy and Eaton, Deborah (2004)
  7. An algorithmic engineering model for application testing metrics by Osler, James (2013)
  8. The measurement of connectivist and constructivist learning modalities using triostatistical analytical methods: comparing online asynchronous and synchronous instructional strategies via in-depth tri–squared analysis and analytics by Osler, James and WRIGHT, MARK A. (2020)
  9. Investigating Pre-Service Candidates' Images of Mathematical Reasoning: An In-Depth Online Analysis Of Common Core Mathematics Standards by Osler, James (2013)
  10. Computational and Genomic Analysis of Mycobacteriophage: A Longitudinal Study of Technology Engineered Biology Courses that implemented An Inquiry Based by Osler, James (2015)

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Supporting the Changing Practices of Undergraduate Business Teaching at North Carolina Central University

Colbert-Lewis, Danielle
Head of Research and Instructional Services
James E. Shepard Memorial Library

In the Fall of 2018, North Carolina Central University (NCCU) joined with thirteen other institutions to participate in an Ithaka S+R study to understand Business instructors’ undergraduate teaching p... View More