The Transfer Student

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Caitlin McCann

Abstract: For my Senior Honors Project, I am writing a pilot episode for a dramatic television series I am developing entitled The Transfer Student. The final product of my Senior Honors Project will be the pilot episode of a full-length dramatic television script formatted according to industry standards. The pilot script will follow Olivia Hart, a transfer student from a rural community college, as she navigates her first day at a large university in New York City. Being a transfer student is scary, between the cultural shock, feeling like a freshman again, and trying to make new friends, it’s all hard. We as transfer students do not get to attend overnight orientation with the other students or get a chance to meet new people before the semester starts. Of course, everyone meets their group of friends during freshman year and is not as open to meeting new people for the rest of their college years. So, this pilot episode will give a lot of advice, while also making it amusing for transfer students to watch. This will be a project that every transfer student will need to watch so they can see that there are others who feel their pain because non-transfer students do not feel our pain. This will also be informational for non-transfer students, as it will give them an opportunity to see the experiences of their peers who came to the university as transfer students, which will hopefully make them more empathetic to the experiences of transfer students.

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Honors Project
Language: English
Date: 2022
Screenplay, Script, Transfer Student, The Transfer Student, Media Studies, UNCG

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