The role of Lucien Bonaparte in the coup d'etat of 18-19 Brumaire

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Abstract: This paper is a study of the role of Lucien Bonaparte in the Coup d'État of 18-19 Brumaire. The Coup (9-l0, November/1799) was a turning point in the Revolutionary period which dominates the history of France. The question about Lucien’s importance to the Coup is one still open to exploration; and it is this problem 1 am examining in this paper. There are two main questions which will be handled within the paper. First: Were Lucien’s actions essential to the success of the coup or was he merely a secondary figure? Second: Were Lucien's actions in line with his past behavior or did he act differently than one might have predicted; and if there was a shift in his behavior, is there some sensible explanation for it? The coup will be viewed as the stage for Lucien, Napoleon's younger brother, and president of the Cinq-Cents (The Council of Five Hundred), the lower house of the Directory's legislature.

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Language: English
Date: 1965

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