A new measure of the CoP trajectory in postural sway: Dynamics of heading change

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Christopher K. Rhea, Associate Professor (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Abstract: The maintenance of upright stance requires the simultaneous control of posture in both the anterior–posterior (AP) and medial–lateral (ML) dimensions. Postural sway is typically measured by quantifying the movement of the center of pressure (CoP) in the AP and ML dimensions independently. Metrics such as path length and 95% ellipse area have been developed to take into account movement in both the AP and ML directions, but these metrics only quantify the magnitude of the CoP movement. The movement of the CoP is technically a vector quantity with both magnitude and direction characteristics. The direction of displacement, or heading, of the CoP may provide further insight into the control of posture. Accordingly, we present a novel variable that describes the rate of change in direction of CoP displacement in two dimensions, the heading change (??), which is derived from the CoP heading (?). We then compared the standard deviation (SD) and the dynamic structure characterized by sample entropy (SampEn) of the heading change time series to previously examined metrics presented in the literature (SD and SampEn of the AP and ML time series, path length, SD and SampEn of the CoP resultant magnitude time series) during a 60 s single-leg stance performed by healthy participants and patients with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) prior to surgical intervention. Patients with an ACL rupture exhibited a different dynamic structure in ??compared to healthy controls, t(14) = 2.44, p = 0.029, whereas none of the other metrics differed between groups (all p > 0.05). The novelty and utility of ?? is that it characterizes directional changes of the CoP, whereas previously documented postural control analyses describe only changes in magnitude.

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Medical Engineering and Physics, 36, 1473-1479
Language: English
Date: 2014
Posture, Dynamics, Sample entropy, Balance

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