Behaviors observed during S- in a simple discrimination learning task

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Ernest Lumsden

Abstract: The behavioral criterion of "discrimination" is met when some type of differential responding is observed. Differential performance may be conceptualized as different strengths of a given response where strength is reflected in some quantitative dimension, e.g., rate of occurrence. In the present experiment, keypecking of pigeons was reinforced with food in the presence of a horizontal line (S+). Keypecking was never reinforced in the presence of a vertical line (S—). Discrimination training resulted in high overall rates of keypecking in the presence of the S+ and low overall rates in the presence of the S-. Generalization tests resulted in systematically decreasing overall keypecking rates as the value of the test stimuli were varied away from the S+ value.

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Language: English
Date: 1974
Conditioned response
Reinforcement (Psychology)
Pigeons $x Behavior

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