Cech-Completeness and Related Properties Of The Generalized Compact-open Topology

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Dr. Laszlo Zsilinszky, Professor (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP )
Web Site: http://www.uncp.edu/academics/library

Abstract: The generalized compact-open topology tC on partial continuous functions with closed domains in X and values in Y is studied. If Y is a noncountably compact ?Cech-complete space with a Gd-diagonal, then tC is ?Cechcomplete, sieve complete and satis?es the p-space property of Arhangel’ski?i, respectively, if and only if X is Lindel¨of and locally compact. Lindel¨ofness, paracompactness and normality of tC is also investigated. New results are obtained on ?Cech-completeness, sieve completeness and the p-space property for the compact-open topology on the space of continuous functions with a general range Y .

Additional Information

Journal of Applied Analysis Vol. 16
Language: English
Date: 2010
Generalized compact-open topology, Fell topology, compact-open topology, Cech-complete, sieve complete, p-spaces, Lindel¨of, paracompact and normal spaces.

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