delta-Catenin promotes prostate cancer cell growth and progression by altering cell cycle and survival gene profiles

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Abstract: Background: delta-Catenin is a unique member of delta-catenin/armadillo domain superfamily proteins and its primary expression is restricted to the brain. However delta-catenin is upregulated in human prostatic adenocarcinomas although the effects of delta-catenin overexpression in prostate cancer are unclear. We hypothesized that delta-catenin plays a direct role in prostate cancer progression by altering gene profiles of cell cycle regulation and cell survival. esults: We employed gene transfection and small interfering RNA to demonstrate that increased delta-catenin expression promoted whereas its knockdown suppressed prostate cancer cell viability. delta-Catenin promoted prostate cancer cell colony formation in soft agar as well as tumor xenograft growth in nude mice. Deletion of either the amino-terminal or carboxyl-terminal sequences outside the armadillo domains abolished the tumor promoting effects of delta-catenin. Quantitative RT2 Profilerâ„¢ PCR Arrays demonstrated gene alterations involved in cell cycle and survival egulation. delta-Catenin overexpression upregulated cyclin D1 and cdc34 increased phosphorylated histone-H3 and promoted the entry of mitosis. In addition delta-catenin overexpression resulted in increased expression of cell survival genes Bcl-2 and survivin while reducing the cell cycle inhibitor p21Cip1. onclusion: Taken together our studies suggest that at least one consequence of an increased expression of delta-catenin in human prostate cancer is the alteration of cell cycle and survival gene profiles thereby promoting tumor progression. riginally published Molecular Cancer Vol. 8 No. 19 Mar 2009

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Molecular Cancer. 8:19(March 2009) p. 1-11.
Language: English
Date: 2011
catenin, prostatic adenocarcinomas, Cell cycle--Regulation

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