Perceived attractiveness of "self identified" bisexual individuals

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James Lyle McAbee (Creator)
Western Carolina University (WCU )
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Harold Herzog

Abstract: Many factors affect how one selects a mate. Men and women both consider attractiveness to be an important characteristic in first impressions of potential mates. However, underlying factors determine how desirable an individual is perceived beyond the initial draw of physical attraction. This study investigated how heterosexual males and females differ in perceived attractiveness of bisexual individuals. Participants were recruited from psychology courses and were shown a series of photos of opposite sex models with a brief biographical profile for each subject. The participants completed a five factor model of personality measure, a sensation seeking personality measure, and a disgust measure. These measures were examined to determine which variables affect gender differences in perceived attractiveness of bisexual individuals. The study found that significant differences exist between attractiveness ratings of bisexual and heterosexual individuals; however, no significant differences were observed between male and female models. The personality traits and characteristics of openness to experience and sensation seeking were related to ratings of attractiveness of bisexual individuals.

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Language: English
Date: 2012
Bisexual, Disgust, Perceived attractiveness, Personality, Sensation Seeking
Bisexuals -- Public opinion
Sexual attraction
Bisexuals -- Relations with heterosexuals

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