Spit tobacco use and behavioral intentions in North Carolina high school baseball coaches

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Abstract: The purpose of this research was to examine the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of North Carolina High School Baseball Coaches with regard to spit tobacco (ST) use. The study evaluated (a) the difference in the theory of planned behavior components of behavioral intention between coaches who use ST and coaches who do not use ST; (b) the correlation between the planned behavior components and actual behavioral intention in all of the coaches; and (c) which of the planned behavior components were the strongest predictors of actual behavioral intentions for tobacco use in coaches, as well as enforcement of tobacco use rules by coaches. Ninety-three male high school baseball coaches participated in the study by completing a questionnaire on spit tobacco use and behavioral intentions. A Chi Square analysis revealed that perceived power was significantly different between the ST user coaches and non-user coaches, that analyses of differences of assessment of behavior outcomes and control beliefs between the ST user and non-user coaches were inconclusive, and that behavioral beliefs, normative beliefs, and motivation to comply were not significantly different between the ST user coaches and non-user coaches. A Spearman rho analysis of the correlation between behavioral beliefs and behavioral intention was inconclusive, while the analysis revealed that assessment of behavior outcomes, normative beliefs, motivation to comply, control beliefs, and perceived power were not correlated with behavioral intention. However, a visual inspection of the data found that assessment of behavior outcomes and control beliefs may be related to behavioral intention in practice.

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Language: English
Date: 2010
Baseball, Behavior, Coaches, Intention, Spit Tobacco
Baseball coaches $z North Carolina.
Tobacco use.

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