The effect Of “body positive” and “fit body” #fitspiration on body appreciation, self-efficacy, and physical activity behavior

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Abstract: On Instagram, the hashtag #fitspiration or #fitspo, a blending of “fitness” and “inspiration,” is a collection of content that members post to celebrate their accomplishments and inspire others to be more active. The purpose of this project was to determine if #fitspiration content influences young women’s body appreciation, self-efficacy, and physical activity behavior and intention. Thirty-six college aged women were randomly divided into two groups to view assigned social media content (Fit-Body or Body Positive #fitspiration) and reported their levels of body esteem, task and scheduling self-efficacy, and physical activity (PA) behavior and intention, pre- and post-viewing. Each group was later given full access to compare and evaluate both #fitspiration types. Results of the Group by Survey (2x2) ANOVAs revealed no effects on the body esteem subscales of appearance, weight, or attribution. Group B, who viewed Body Positive content, reported significantly higher overall task self-efficacy, and scheduling self-efficacy than Group A, who viewed Fit-Body content. For both PA behavior and intention, results included a Group main effect where Group B reported higher overall scores. More importantly, there was a stronger Group by Survey interaction, with large effect sizes, where Group B scores increased, and Group A scores decreased slightly post viewing. On the final comparison and evaluation survey, participants from both groups rated body positive content to be more enjoyable and inspiring. Most notably, as the viewing time for this content was a total of two weeks, these findings suggest that even short-term exposure to Body Positive #fitspiration can increase women’s task and scheduling self-efficacy, intention to be active, and PA behavior.

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Language: English
Date: 2023
#fitspiration, Body Appreciation, Body Esteem, Physical Activity, Self-Efficacy, Social Media
Physical fitness for women $x Social aspects
Body image in women $x Social aspects
Social media $x Psychological aspects
Physical fitness and technology

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