Transitioning from the euphonium to the trombone: a four-year case study

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Abstract: Musicians may transition from one instrument to a different primary instrument during the first few years of their study. In this case study, the Subject transitioned from euphonium to tenor trombone as an additional primary performance instrument during their graduate studies. Although both instruments are similar in construction and range, the trombone necessarily was approached differently in relation to inhalation and exhalation, posture and holding position, and the fundamentals of trombone playing: tone, intonation, articulation, handslide technique, and rhythmic execution. The four-year study tracked the Subject’s progress in developing those fundamentals through practice habits and musical performances. The results demonstrated that, even in the later phases of a Subject’s musical studies, the transition from one primary instrument to another is possible focusing extensively on fundamentals. The study verified that prior musical training aided in expediting the transition and allowed the primary focus to be on the differences between the instruments while maintaining the musical or expressive techniques common to both. The intention of this study has been to create a resource for current euphonium players who may necessarily be required to perform and teach trombone in their career.

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Language: English
Date: 2020
Euphonium, Transition, Trombone
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