Sixteen paintings

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Andrew Martin

Abstract: To understand these thesis paintings I have completed in the past two years, one must realize from the beginning that the greatest decision I made over that entire period was the decision to allow the paint to suggest to me in as strong a way as possible the direction in which I should go. With five years of hard edge black and white abstractions in my immediate past, I found it almost impossible to break away slowly from the arena of precision painting in which I had existed. At first it was an all or nothing decision: composition, reason, integrity all were sacrificed for the freedom of the paint. After months of this wandering around after the brush, I began to study the individual stroke, then whole passages and how they connected. Eventually I began to attempt the solution of a problem I had set for myself: to create some sort of pathos within a controlled space. The edge of the painting was an insufficient boundary for this pathos, so an artificial enclosure was simulated within the actual work. Elements of cubism began to appear in the construction of this edge and they were maintained. In the beginning, abstract free forms had served to represent the mood but after a period of months, human forms and room paraphernalia began to appear. Regardless of how I came to paint interiors, they did evolve without any serious deliberation. The boundary element became either a section of a wall or a window; in other cases, it became the rungs on a bed post or some other partition in the painting.

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Language: English
Date: 1973

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