Radial Growth Rates of Two Co-Occurring Coniferous Trees in the Northern Rockies During the Past Century

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Peter T. Soule' Ph.D., Professor (Creator)
Appalachian State University (ASU )
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Abstract: We examined radial growth rates of locally co-occurring Douglas-Fir (PSME e Pseudotsuga menziesii var. glauca) and ponderosa pine (PIPO e Pinus ponderosa var. ponderosa) trees growing within the Northern Rockies to determine if there are differential growth and climatic responses between these species and whether these responses are consistent among topographically and climatologically diverse sites. We developed standardized tree-ring chronologies from seven sites, with each site a matched pair of PSME and PIPO. For each chronology we examined the climate response of radial growth by comparing the standardized ring widths to a suite of climatic variables. We examined temporal changes by comparing 1905e1950 and post-1950 growth rates and climatic conditions. Both conifers experience increased radial growth post-1950. A combination of spring/summer moisture conditions related positively to radial growth and the primary climatic drivers were consistent both between species and within the region. The primary climatic drivers of radial growth remain unchanged during the last century or have trended toward drier conditions unfavorable for growth. We conclude that increases in standardized radial growth rates are unlikely climatically-driven. Other potential vectors of radial growth change, such as atmospheric CO2 enrichment, have affected these co-occurring species on a largely equal basis and positively.

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P.T. Soulé & P.A. Knapp (2013) "Radial Growth Rates of Two Co-Occurring Coniferous Trees in the Northern Rockies During the Past Century" Journal of Arid Environment Volume 94 pp. 87-95 [DOI:10.1016/j.jaridenv.2013.02.005] Version of Record Available From (www.sciencedirect.com)
Language: English
Date: 2017
Atmospheric CO2, Northern Rockies, Radial growth rates, Ponderosa pine

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