Effects of Breast Cancer Treatments on Plasma Nutrient Levels: Implications for Epidemiological Studies

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Abstract: The interpretation of case-control studies in which blood nutrient levels are examined asetiological factors in cancer is complicated by the possibility that either the disease or itstreatment may alter these levels. Circulating levels of selected nutrients were examined prior todiagnostic biopsy and compared with levels 3 to 4 months after diagnosis among 71 women withbreast cancer and 95 women with benign breast disease. Among women with benign breast diseaseor women with breast cancer who were not given postsurgical adjuvant drug therapy, levels of acarotene,lycopene, a-tocopherol, cholesterol, and triglycerides did not change over time. Incontrast, women who received chemotherapy had increased levels of cholesterol, retinol, and aand-y-tocopherol, and women on antiestrogen therapy showed increased levels of triglyceridesand a-tocopherol. Overall, the concentrations of carotenoids (lycopene, a-carotene, and .8-carotene) did not change in breast cancer cases, although subgroup analyses showed increasedlevels of.8-carotene among cases not receiving drug treatment and decreased levels among thosereceiving antiestrogens. In summary, blood levels of some nutrients did not appear to be affectedby breastcancer or its treatments, but changes were noted for levels of plasma lipids, tocopherols,retinol, and .8- carotene. Those investigating the etiological relationshi p between breast cancerand circulating nutrients need to consider these effects in designing and interpretingepidemiological studies

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Nancy Potischman,' Tim Byers, Leah Houghton, Martin Root, Takuma Nemoto, and T. Colin Campbell(1992) Effects of Breast Cancer Treatments on Plasma Nutrient Levels: Implications for Epidemiological Studies. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention (ISSN 1055-9965) version available @ (http:// cebp.aacrjournals.org/content/1/7/555.full.pdf+html)
Language: English
Date: 2016
, breast-cancer, plasma, epidemiological,

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