An Examination of the Implementation of Technology in Secondary School Bands

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Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine how high school and middle school band directors in the state of North Carolina currently implement technology into their band programs. Selection of participants for this study involved identifying middle school and high school band directors in the state of North Carolina. The participants were selected based on their membership in the North Carolina Bandmasters Association and maintaining an active email address. Therefore a total of 489 band directors including 221 middle school and 268 high school directors were selected as potential participants. Out of the initial 489 band directors selected as potential participants for this study one hundred twenty-nine band directors (N = 129) completed the survey. Participants completed an online questionnaire that asked them to list types of technology that they currently use would like to use and how prepared they feel to integrate technology into their band rehearsals. "Proper Sound System Equipment " "Internet Resources " "Smart Board " "Audio Recording Devices " and "Play-Along Software" were the top five most frequently listed responses for what types of technology are currently being used in North Carolina band rehearsals. Directors were asked to list what types of technology resources they would like to be able to use given unlimited resources. The top five most frequently listed responses included "Play-Along Software " "Music Notation Software " "Tablet Computers or other smart devices " "Smart Board and Peripherals " and "Audio Recording Devices." "Play-Along Software " "Audio Recording Devices " "Music Notation Software " and "Tuners and Metronomes" were listed among the most common and beneficial types of technology available for bands. Further the majority of band directors in North Carolina surveyed indicate they feel adequately prepared to teach using technology. Analysis of the data revealed some similarities among North Carolina band directors. Based on conclusions from the present study and previous research given (a) adequate funding (b) administrative leadership (c) time (d) support (e) access to resources and (f) applicable professional development the appropriate implementation of technology should be pursued in order to enhance the quality of music education for music students. 

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Date: 2012
Music education, Music, Education, Music, Technology

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