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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Stigma Towards Mental Health Treatment Among College Students: A Test Of An Interactive Onli...2015Goetzl, Megan BlairStudentASU
Spermine Inhibits Vibrio cholerae Biofilm Formation Through The NspS-MbaA Polyamine Signalin...2017Neufeld , Howard S. Faculty Biology, ASU
Sensitivity Of Seedlings Of Black Cherry (Prunus serotina Ehrh.) To Ozone In Great Smoky Mou...1995Neufeld , Howard S. Faculty Biology, ASU
Seedling Insensitivity To Ozone For Three Conifer Species Native To Great Smoky Mountains Na...2000Neufeld , Howard S. Faculty Biology, ASU
Streamlined Sales Tax: An Update For Small Businesses2008McSwain, Dwayne FacultyAccounting, ASU
Social Polyandry Among Siamangs: The Role Of Habitat Quality2017Lappan, Susan FacultyAnthropology, ASU
Song Functions In Nonduetting Gibbons: Evidence From Playback Experiments On Javan Gibbons (...2016Lappan, Susan FacultyAnthropology, ASU
Social Relationships Among Males In Multimale Siamang Groups2007Lappan, Susan FacultyAnthropology, ASU
Skipping Years and Scribal Errors: Kaqchikel Maya timekeeping in the fifteenth, sixteenth, a...2002Smith, Timothy FacultyAnthropology, ASU
Seeing India: A Hyperreal Yoga Fantasy2016Long, Rebecca ElizabethStudentAnthropology - Student, ASU
The Story of Burley Tobacco Farming in Bethel, Watauga County, North Carolina: Cultural Mean...2012Buchanan, Jonathan StudentAnthropology - Student, ASU
Site Function And Occupational Patterns At Colvard II (31AH266)2020Cross, Amber L.StudentAnthropology - Student, ASU
A Study Of Three Contemporary Western North Carolina Storytellers2009Rector, Danielle ErinStudentAppalachian Studies - Student, ASU
Sanctuary in Southern Appalachia: Faith and Hispanic Immigrant Integration Into Appalachian ...2015Means, Brittany StudentAppalachian Studies - Student, ASU
A Socio-Cultural and Economic Impact Study of Johnson County, Tennessee’s Green Bean Industr...2013Ward, Billy DwightStudentAppalachian Studies - Student, ASU
Something Happens In Room 13: Bringing Truths Into The World2016Grube, Victoria FacultyArt, ASU
Sexual Prejudice Among Christian College Students, Denominational Teachings, And Personal Re...2012Levy, Denise FacultyBeaver College of Health Sciences, ASU
Sexual Identity, Gender Identity, And A Christian Upbringing: Comparing Two Studies2013Levy, Denise FacultyBeaver College of Health Sciences, ASU
Sensory Neuron Sensitivity In Drosophila Melanogaster Is Regulated By Translation Initiation...2019Bellemer, Andrew FacultyBiology, ASU
Seasonal Changes In Methanogenesis And Methanogenic Community In Three Peatlands, New York S...2012Brauer, Suzanna FacultyBiology, ASU
Sustained Anthropogenic Impact In Carter Saltpeter Cave, Carter County, Tennessee And The Po...2013Brauer, Suzanna FacultyBiology, ASU
Southern Appalachian Peatlands Support High Archaeal Diversity2014Brauer, Suzanna FacultyBiology, ASU
Substance P In The Uterine Cervix, Dorsal Root Ganglia And Spinal Cord During Pregnancy And ...2003Mowa, Chishimba Nathan FacultyBiology, ASU
Sixteen Polymorphic Microsateliate Markers For A Federally Threatened Species, Hexastylis Na...2015Estep, Matt FacultyBiology, ASU
Signals, Regulatory Networks, And Materials That Build And Break Bacterial Biofilms2009Karatan, Ece FacultyBiology, ASU
Spermidine Regulates Vibrio Cholerae Biofilm Formation Via Transport And Signaling Pathways2009Karatan, Ece FacultyBiology, ASU
Spermine Inhibits Vibrio cholerae Biofilm Formation Through The NspS-MbaA Polyamine Signalin...2017Karatan, Ece FacultyBiology, ASU
Species-Area Relationships of Cliff System Vegetational Communities in Cumberland Gap Nation...2013Harkey, Justin LeeStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Sustained Anthropogenic Impact in Carter Saltpeter Cave, Carter County, Tennessee and the Po...2013Carmichael, Mary JaneFacultyBiology - Student, ASU
Soil Microbial Community Responses Following Severe Wildfires in the Linville Gorge, Burke C...2015Huffman, Michael Scott StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Southern Appalachian Peatlands Sustain Unique Assemblages of Archaea2013Hawkins, Ashley NicoleStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Southern Appalachian Peatlands Support High Archaeal Diversity2014Hawkins, Ashley NicoleFacultyBiology - Student, ASU
Spatial Analysis of Terpenes and Aphid Abundance in Solidago Altissima2015Smith , Beatrice StudentBiology - Student, ASU
A Study Of Autumn Olive (Elaeagnus Umbellata) Phenology And Associated Physiological Traits ...2018Riffe, Emily CarolineStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Status And Population Genetics Of The Alabama Spike (Elliptio Arca) In The Mobile River Basi...2017Mason, Daniel H.StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Spatiotemporal Dynamics Of Interstitial Sediments And Mussel Populations In The South Toe Ri...2018Thompson, Michael J.StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Sexual Selection On Plumage Color In A North Carolina Population Of Eastern Bluebirds2018Younginer, Callie StudentBiology - Student, ASU
The Science Teacher: A Sanitarian1957Hill, Oren J.StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Shell Convergence: An Interspecific Molecular Phylogeny Of Neohelix (Gastropoda: Polygyridae...2020Wilkinson, Amanda C.StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Species Delineation Of Two Imperiled Wild Gingers (Asarum Contracta And A. Rhombiformis) Usi...2008Vandervort-Sneed, Joy StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Structural Elements Of Lipidic Inhibitors Of Phospholipase A22018Foley, James StudentBiology - Student, ASU
A Study of Sustainable Business Models For Small and Medium Enterprises in China2014Xu, Jianfen StudentBusiness - Student, ASU
A Shift in Healthcare: Why Do Physicians Choose Health System Employment Over Independent Pr...2012Johnston, Robert DavidsonStudentBusiness - Student, ASU
Synthesis of Functionalized Tolanes for Release of Rose Scent2015Russell, Danielle StudentChemistry - Student, ASU
Source Apportionment And Emission Rates Of Volatile Organic Compounds In The Bakken Shale Oi...2017VanEtten, Kati JeanStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
Synthesis Of Biodiesel Fuels And Pharmaceuticals Using Nano-Reactors2019Finlay, Ethan StudentChemistry - Student, ASU
A Study Of The Solvent Properties Of Anhydrous Nitric Acid1967Johnson, D.H. StudentChemistry - Student, ASU
A Study Of The Infrared Dichroism In Highly Branched Polyethylene1966Wu, Sonya HauStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
A Structural Study Of 66 Nylon Fibers And Films By Iodine Sorption1967Painter, Benjamin ThomasStudentChemistry - Student, ASU