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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Abortion: Is It Really a Moral Question?1975Hall, Nancy R. StudentReligion, UNCP
Alkane Distribution And Chemotaxonomy Of Tree Ferns (Cyatheaceae)1972Vaughan, Thomas BurtonStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Altruistic self-removal of health-compromised honey bee workers from their hive2010Rueppell, Olav FacultyBiology, UNCG
Analysis of Complex DNA Damage Associated with Tumor Growth2012Ferguson, Nicholas FosterStudentBiology: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, ECU
Androgen and progesterone receptor knockouts in Danio rerio affect aggression and social dom...2018Chilton, Matthew WStudentECU
Atlas of Stem Anatomy in Herbs, Shrubs and Trees (Review).2011Kirchoff, Bruce K.FacultyBiology, UNCG
Bacterial production in an arctic pond1975Rublee, Parke A.FacultyBiology, UNCG
Behavioural Ecology: An Evolutionary Approach [book review]1998Kalcounis-Rüppell, Matina C.FacultyBiology, UNCG
The bhuTUV and bhuO genes play vital roles in the ability of Brucella abortus to use heme as...2012Ojeda, Jenifer F.StudentMicrobiology and Immunology, ECU
Biogeographic Characterization of Fishes from Intertidal Sandflats in Pamlico River North C...2012Mabe, M. WayneStudentBiology, ECU
Calcium distribution and function in the glandular trichomes of Lavandula pinnata L2010Kirchoff, Bruce K.FacultyBiology, UNCG
CaMKII Protein Expression and Phosphorylation in Mouse Skeletal Muscle Following Atrophy and...2012Williams, Brett StudentBiology, ECU
Cardiac and Mitochondrial Adaptations in Response to Aging and Doxorubicin in Rats Bred for ...2012Larion, Laura StudentBiology, ECU
Changes in Dietary Iron Exacerbate Regional Brain Manganese Accumulation as Determined by Ma...2011Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Characterization of Two Novel Mutants of DNA Polymerase Delta in Drosophila melanogaster2012Hunter, Chad MichaelStudentBiology, ECU
Characterizing Environmental and Physicochemical Conditions in Nursery Areas of River Herrin...2012Butler, Matthew G.StudentBiology, ECU
Claudin-7 increases chemosensitivity to cisplatin in human NCI-H522 lung cancer cells2010Hoggard, John StudentECU
Complex pleiotropy characterizes the pollen hoarding syndrome in honey bees (Apis mellifera ...2012Rueppell, Olav FacultyBiology, UNCG
Conspicuous female ornamentation and male mate preference of Threespine Sticklebacks (Gaster...2012Wright, Daniel ShaneStudentBiology, ECU
Cross-species correlation between queen mating numbers and worker ovary sizes suggests kin c...2011Rueppell, Olav FacultyBiology, UNCG
Cross-species correlation between queen mating numbers and worker ovary sizes suggests kin c...2011Kuster, Ryan FacultyBiology, UNCG
Cryptic Seed Heteromorphism in Packera tomentosa (Asteraceae) : Differences in Seed Mass Cha...2012Leverett, Lindsay D.StudentBiology, ECU
Curriculum Enhancement for Biology at Purnell Swett High School: A Service-Learning Project2017Smith, Caleb StudentEsther G. Maynor Honors College, UNCP
Decadent Afterlife2012McAteer, Michael PatrickStudentArt, ECU