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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Bilateral isokinetic peak torque, torque acceleration energy, power, and work relationships ...1987Perrin, David H.FacultyOffice of the Provost, UNCG
The Concept of Homology in the Development of Handedness2013Michel, George F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Concordance of Handedness Between Teacher and Student Facilitates Learning Manual Skills1985Michel, George F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Development of handedness for role-differentiated bimanual manipulation of objects in relati...2014Babik, Iryna StudentPsychology, UNCG
Development of Infant Prehension Handedness: A Longitudinal Analysis During the 6- to 14-mon...2010Michel, George F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Development of Infant Prehension Handedness: A Longitudinal Analysis During the 6- to 14-mon...2010Ferre, Claudio L.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Development of Infant Prehension Handedness: A Longitudinal Analysis During the 6- to 14-mon...2010Babik, Iryna FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Development of role-differentiated bimanual manipulation during the infant's first year2010Michel, George F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
A Developmental Psychobiological Approach to Human Development2014Michel, George F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Do hand preferences predict stacking skill during infancy?2016Michel, George F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Does Handedness for Prehension Predict Handedness for Role-Differentiated Bimanual Manipulat...2008Ferre, Claudio L.StudentPsychology, UNCG
How does handedness affect the development of construction skill from 10-24 months?2015Marcinowski, Emily. C.StudentPsychology, UNCG
The influence of sex and handedness on the development of constructing skills during infancy...2013Marcinowski, Emily. C.StudentPsychology, UNCG
Ontogenetic considerations in the phylogenetic history and adaptive significance of the bias...1987Michel, George F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Ontogenetic constraints on the evolution of right-handedness.2003Michel, George F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Ontogeny of infant bimanual reaching during the first year.1986Michel, George F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Postural Influences on the Development of Infant Lateralized and Symmetric Hand-Use2018Michel, George F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Potential postural constraints on the development of lateralized hand-use in infancy2010Babik, Iryna StudentPsychology, UNCG
Predicting child handedness from measures of infant and toddler handedness2020Latta, Jonathan StudentPsychology, UNCG
The relation between handedness for reaching and unimanual handedness from 6 to 14 months2015Campbell, Julie StudentPsychology, UNCG
Relation of Stable Hand-Use Preferences to the Development of Skill for Managing Multiple Ob...2008Michel, George F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Toddler hand preference trajectories predict 3-year language outcome2017Michel, George F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Unimanual to bimanual: Tracking the development of handedness from 6 to 24 months2018Michel, George F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG