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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Mammalian Evolutionary Morphology. A Tribute to Frederick S. Szalay [book review]2010Anemone, Robert FacultyBiological Anthropology and Paleoanthropology, UNCG
Moral Freedom by Jeffrey Olen1990Zimmerman, Michael FacultyPhilosophy , UNCG
Music and the Making of a New South, by Gavin James Campbell2005Filene, Benjamin P.FacultyHistory, UNCG
New maps and cartographic materials, June 2019 [reviews]2019Klein, Jo FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
Nordic Landscapes: Region and belonging on the northern edge of Europe. Minnesota.2010Johnson, Corey FacultyGeography, UNCG
Patterns of Growth and Development in the Genus Homo [book review]2004Anemone, Robert FacultyBiological Anthropology and Paleoanthropology, UNCG
Reconstructing Behavior in the Primate Fossil Record [book review]2003Anemone, Robert FacultyBiological Anthropology and Paleoanthropology, UNCG
Review of the book New Directions in Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts.2006Silvia, Paul FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Review of the book: The unlikely celebrity: Bill Sackter’s triumph over disability.1999Smith, J. DavidFacultySpecialized Education Services, UNCG
Review of Early Islamic Syria by Alan Walmsley.2011Eger, A. AsaFacultyHistory, UNCG
Review of Excavations at Tall Jawa, Jordan. Vol. 4. The Early Islamic House by P.M. Michèle ...2013Eger, A. AsaFacultyHistory, UNCG
[Review] .Libraries in Times of Utopian Thoughts and Social Protests—the Libraries of the La...2004Carmichael, James V.FacultyLibrary and Information Studies, UNCG
[Review] Instruction and Amusement: Papers from the Sixth Australian Library History Forum, ...1998Carmichael, James V.FacultyLibrary and Information Studies, UNCG
Road Through Midnight: A Civil Rights Memorial [book review]2020Henry, Tiffany N.FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
Selling Tradition: Appalachia and the Construction of an American Folk, 1930-1940, by Jane B...1999Filene, Benjamin P.FacultyHistory, UNCG
Sense of History: The Place of the Past in American Life2001Filene, Benjamin P.FacultyHistory, UNCG
The Silk Road in World History. New York: Oxford University Press, 20102011Anderson, James A.FacultyHistory, UNCG
Soap Fans: Pursuing Pleasure and Making Plans in Everyday Life, by C. Lee Harrington & Deni...1996Adams, Rebecca G.FacultySociology, UNCG
Stalin’s Music Prize: Soviet Culture and Politics by Marina Frolova-Walker [book review]2017Titus, Joan FacultyMusic, UNCG
Studying Interpersonal Interaction [book review]1992Fine, Mark FacultyHuman Development and Family Studies, UNCG
Unfolding, by M. Shlian [book review]2021Sawyer, Suzanne FacultyUniversity Libraries, UNCG
William Lad Sessions’ Honor for Us (Continuum Publishing Group, 2010).2005McConnell, Terrance C.FacultyPhilosophy, UNCG