One Love : Collective Consciousness in Rap and Poetry of the Hip-Hop Generation

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Austin Harold Hart (Creator)
East Carolina University (ECU )
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John Hoppenthaler

Abstract: This study aims to offer an understanding of hip-hop culture through which three concepts are elucidated: (1) the existence and dimensions of a collective consciousness within rap and poetry of the hip-hop generation (Allison Joseph A. Van Jordan Terrance Hayes Major Jackson Taylor Mali and Kevin Coval); (2) a poetics of rap--to parallel the influence seen/suggested among the selected poets; and (3) an analysis of the manner(s) in which the poetry of these more serious academic artists reflects an influence of hip-hop culture. My thesis suggests that these poets are indeed influenced by the culture in which they grew up and in their verse this influence can be seen through linguistic playfulness sonic density layered meaning and usage through form and content and the connection to a larger cultural collective consciousness fed by specific social bodies. Poetic analysis as well as studies of vernacular and oral traditions has allowed me to explore these concepts and theories from a wider spectrum and with regard to the work of the poets an original perspective. Providing a deeper understanding of artists their identities places and dreams within their work this study begins to offer some insight into notions of the ways in which individuals might participate in cultural conservation. 

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Date: 2012
Comparative literature, Literature
Rap (Music)--Social aspects
American poetry--21st century

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