Risk Assessment and Recommendations for Foresters Exposure to Hymenoptera

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Abstract: Ants , bees , hornets , wasps , and yellow jackets , collectively in the Order Hymenoptera , are a serious concern to outdoor workers as their stings have the potential to cause life-threatening allergic reactions. This study assessed current training regimes and impacts of Hymenoptera stings on forestry workers across the United States (US). A survey was distributed to nearly 2 , 000 outdoor workers in four US regions (South , West , Northeast , Midwest). Results show that ants are a primary concern in the South with over 75% of participants reporting ant stings within the last five years. Bees , hornets , wasps , and yellow jackets are a concern in all US regions with 60-70% and 75-93% of participants , respectively , having been stung by bees or hornets/wasps/yellow jackets within the last five years. Despite such a large number of participants experiencing stings , nearly 75% of participants are not concerned about being stung or their reaction to such stings. Approximately 70% of participants in the survey reported not having received any safety training related to Hymenoptera from their employers. There was no significant difference found in the proportion of those being stung at work between safety trained and non-safety trained participants (p = 0.230). However , it was significantly more likely for participants to carry a medical first aid kit if they had received Hymenoptera safety training (p <0.05). Consequently , a Hymenoptera educational brochure was developed as a potential tool to train outdoor workers and reduce risk. Based on the results , more comprehensive and more frequent training is recommended to help reduce risk of exposure of Hymenoptera to foresters.

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Language: English
Date: 2018
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