Monkeypox Analysis in the United States

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Taeyonn Reynolds, student (Creator)
Julian A. D. Allagan , Associate Professor (Contributor)
Elizabeth City State University (ECSU )
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Abstract: Throughout the course of time, technology has evolved and led to masscommunication throughout the world. One of the biggest types of communicationin today’s society is social media. Furthermore, it can be defined as avirtual community that allows users to create and share information rapidly.One of the biggest social media platforms today is Reddit, which is a networkthat allows users to communicate in various subreddits that can be dividedinto cities. By analyzing the data from a given subreddit it will give a cleardescription on how citizens are reacting to a given situation that is takingplace in the community. Due to the recent events that have taken place intoday’s society this paper is on the monkeypox outbreak. The data correspondingto the viral disease will be scraped from given states to provide anoutlook from different communities. To examine the data there will be dataanalysis, topic modeling, Natural Language Processing(NLP) techniques andword embedding.

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Language: English
Date: 2022
Monkeypox, Analysis, United States

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