Phillip "Dan" Royall

Dan Royall is a geoscientist with research interests focused on the physical dynamics of watersheds. He has principally been engaged with understanding human impacts on watershed erosion and sedimentation, and their consequences for water quality, land preservation, and streambed ecology. Recent research projects relate to sediment budgets, erosion and sedimentation records preserved in lakes, the recovery of watersheds from disturbance, soil loss measurement and prediction, and the influence of biota on watershed processes. In addition to geomorphological interests, Dr. Royall has a research background in Quaternary paleoecology and geology.

There are 1 included publications by Phillip "Dan" Royall :

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Land Suitability Evaluation for Organic Agriculture of Wheat Using GIS and Multi-Criteria Analysis 2018 1513 Despite the growing interest in organic farming, its practice remains limited because of its lower productivity relative to conventional farming. Land suitability evaluation for organic crops can potentially improve productivity, and thus the economi...