Georgie Donovan

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End of Year Monies: The Case for Congruence 2008 710 Libraries in public universities and colleges, and sometimes within private institutions as well, are frequently called upon at the end of the fiscal-year cycle to spend-out not only the library’s allocated budget, but also the unspent residue of the...
Listening to the Millennials: Thoughts for Literature Librarians 2005 1076 the author relates a panel discussion among literature librarianson the topic of the Millennial generation.
Moving a Library Collection into New Quarters: Lessons Learned 2007 1987 This paper collects the strategies and tasks that the Appalachian State University Library undertook in preparation for the move of its physical collection to a new building from the old library. The paper discusses planning, supervision, winning ca...
New Librarians and Scholarly Communication: Get Involved 2007 1764 Two librarians report on what new librarians should know about scholarly communication.
Review of Lightning at Dinner by Jim Moore 2006 978 Book review of Lightning at Dinner by Jim Moore [Positive review]
Review of Present/Tense: Poets in the World by Mark Pawlak. 2006 633 Book review of Present/Tense: Poets in the World by Mark Pawlak.[Positive review]
Review of Prison Focus journal 2010 943 Review of Prison Focus journal
Review of Prison Legal News 2010 943 Reviews of Prison Legal News
Transforming the Library: The Case for Libraries to End Incremental Measures and Solve Problems for Their Campuses Now 2008 1369 In an article published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, University of Texas System Chancellor Mark Yudof wrote, "Mark Twain would recognize the situation. Everyone talks about the governance and financing of higher education, although, as in th...