Research Data Submissions

Research data owned and produced by Appalachian faculty may be hosted on Appalachian State University's Dataverse, which is provided by UNC Chapel Hill's Odum Institute. Dataverse is an open source repository for preserving and archiving research data. Dataverse offers the following advantages:

  • no cost to ASU faculty
  • integration with NC DOCKS
  • automatic indexing of tabular data
  • automatic conversion of tabular data to multiple formats
  • redundant, geographically distributed back-ups
  • cross-searchability with thousands of other datasets
  • long term storage of data
  • ability to control the degree of access others have to your data
  • ability to update datasets and keep track of multiple versions

ASU faculty, students, and staff should self-deposit datasets in Dataverse. For assistance with data deposit, data preservation, data management, and data publication (as mandated by granting agencies), please contact for more information. Each data submission should be accompanied by the Odum Institute Data Archive / Data Deposit Form.