Eye Movement, Visual Attention, And ADHD Traits

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Zachary McKinley Saint (Creator)
Appalachian State University (ASU )
Web Site: https://library.appstate.edu/
William Canu

Abstract: Current research on visual attention differences in college students with ADHD is limited. It is not yet known whether ADHD-related visual attention differences are due to deficits in visual processing or in visual attention. The current study uses the continuous performance task (CPT), along with eye-tracking technology, to test whether college students with higher self-reported ADHD symptoms spend less time looking at the designated target and glance away from the target more than those with lower ADHD symptoms. Those with a broader range of ADHD-related impairment showed deficits in visual attention. Interestingly, however, higher levels of ADHD symptoms predicted better performance on the visual attention task.

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Honors Project
Saint, Z. (2017). Eye Movement, Visual Attention, And ADHD Traits. Unpublished Honors Thesis. Appalachian State University. Boone, NC.
Language: English
Date: 2017
ADHD, Eye tracking, Visual attention, College students, Continuous Performance Task

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