Authors’ Reply to Buckner et al.: ‘Comment on: “The General Adaptation Syndrome: A Foundation for the Concept of Periodization”

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Abstract: Buckner et al. [1] have submitted a letter in response to our recent review [2] on the general adaptation syndrome (GAS) and its application to training periodization. As Buckner et al. state, this topic deserves fair and thorough discussion from multiple perspectives, and we thank them for the opportunity to continue such dialogue. Their letter restates many of the points in their original reviews [3, 4], which we addressed in our manuscript. Nevertheless, we will address the main points of their letter to provide further clarity on how the GAS does in fact serve as an appropriate mechanistic model to conceptualize training periodization.

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Cunanan, A.J., DeWeese, B.H., Wagle, J.P. et al. Sports Med (2018) 48: 1755. Publisher version of record available at:
Language: English
Date: 2018
general adaptation syndrome (GAS), periodization

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