Projected Health And Economic Impact Of Rotavirus Vaccination In GAVI-Eligible Countries: 2011–2030

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Richard Rheingans Ph.D., Department Chair (Creator)
Appalachian State University (ASU )
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Abstract: Rotavirus is the leading cause of diarrheal disease in children under 5 years of age. It is responsible for more than 450,000 deaths each year, with more than 90% of these deaths occurring in low-resource countries eligible for support by the GAVI Alliance. Signi?cant efforts made by the Alliance and its partners are providing countries with the opportunity to introduce rotavirus vaccines into their national immunization programs, to help prevent childhood illness and death. We projected the cost-effectiveness and health impact of rotavirus vaccines in GAVI-eligible countries, to assist decision makers in prioritizing resources to achieve the greatest health bene?ts for their populations. A decision-analytic model was used to project the health outcomes and direct costs of a birth cohort in the target population, with and without a rotavirus vaccine. Current data on disease burden, vaccine ef?cacy, immunization rates, and costs were used in the model. Vaccination in GAVI-eligible countries would prevent 2.46 million childhood deaths and 83 million disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) from 2011 to 2030, with annual reductions of 180,000 childhood deaths at peak vaccine uptake. The cost per DALY averted is $42 for all GAVI countries combined, over the entire period. Rotavirus vaccination would be considered very cost-effective for the entire cohort of GAVI countries, and in each country individually, as cost-effectiveness ratios are less than the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. Vaccination is most cost-effective and has the greatest impact in regions with high rotavirus mortality. Rotavirus vaccination in GAVI-eligible countries is very cost-effective and is projected to substantially reduce childhood mortality in this population.

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Richard D. Rheingans, Deborah E. Atherly, Kristen D.C. Lewis, Jacqueline Tate & Umesh D. Parashar (2012) "Projected Health And Economic Impact Of Rotavirus Vaccination In GAVI-Eligible Countries: 2011–2030" Vaccine 30 pp.A7-A14 Version of Record Available From
Language: English
Date: 2012
Rotavirus vaccines, Cost-effectiveness, Health impact

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