Quercetin with Vitamin C and Niacin does not affect body Mass or Composition

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Andrew Shanely Ph.D, Associate Professor (Creator)
Appalachian State University (ASU )
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Abstract: In vitro and animal data suggest that quercetin affects adipogenesis and basal metabolism; however, whether this metabolic effect translates to reductions in body mass or improvement in body composition in humans is unknown. This study investigated 12-week supplementation of 2 different doses of quercetin, combined with vitamin C andniacin, on body mass and composition in a large, heterogeneous group of adults (n = 941; 60% female, 40% male;18–85 years of age; 45%normal body mass index, 30% overweight, 25% obese). Subjects were randomized into 3groups, with supplements adminis-tered in double-blind fashion: Q500 = 500 mg quercetin·day–1, Q1000 = 1000 mg quercetin·day–1, and placebo. Quercetin supplements were consumed twice daily over a 12-week period, andpre- and poststudy body mass and composition meas-urements were taken in an overnight fasted state. A general linear model was used to predict change in body mass and com-position across groups with adjustment for demographic and lifestyle factors. Plasma quercetin increased in a dose-responsive manner in both Q500 and Q1000 groups relative to placebo. After adjustment for confounders, no significant dif-ferences in body mass (malesinteraction p value = 0.721, females p = 0.366) or body composition (males p = 0.650, fe-males p = 0.639) were found between Q500 or Q1000 groups compared with placebo. No group differences in body mass or body composition were found in a subgroup of overweight and obese subjects. High-dose quercetin supplementation (500 and 1000 mg·day–1) for 12 weeks in a large, heterogeneous group of adults did not affect body mass or composition.

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Amy M. Knab, R. Andrew Shanely, Fuxia Jin, Melanie D. Austin, Wei Sha, and David C.Nieman (2011) "Quercetin with Vitamin C and Niacin does not affect body Mass or Composition" Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism 36: pp. 331-338 Version of Record Available @ (DOI: 10.1139/h11-015)
Language: English
Date: 2011
quercetin, vitamin-C, niacin, body-mass, composition

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