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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Articulation Therapy Effectiveness In Union County, North Carolina1981Elias, Ruth E.StudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
Communicativeness In Normal And Communication Disordered Preschool Children1980Cardwell, Cindy LoweStudentSpeech Pathology and Audiology - Student, ASU
A Comparison Of Three Language Screening Tests1987Meiburg, Diane SandersonStudentSpeech Pathology - Student, ASU
A Correlation Study Of Two Adolescent Language Tests1982Heffron, Ann Marie CorneliaStudentSpeech Pathology - Student, ASU
A Developmental Study For The Assessment Of Communication In Everyday Situations1980Wren, Karen LeighStudentSpeech Pathology and Audiology - Student, ASU
A Developmental Study Of The Screening Assessment Of Communication In Everyday Settings1982Johnson, Glenda ByrdStudentSpeech Pathology - Student, ASU
Dialectic Lexicons Of Eastern Tennessee Children1982English, Joyce GreyStudentSpeech Pathology - Student, ASU
The Effect Of Dialect On Employability1983Riggsbee, Rebecca StudentSpeech Pathology and Audiology - Student, ASU
The Influence Of Language Ability, Age, Speaking Rate And Linguistic Complexity On Language ...1982Mason, Lynn MobergStudentSpeech Pathology - Student, ASU
The Intelligibility Of Esophageal Speech With And Without Visual Cues1979Fisher, Ann RuthStudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
Is The Protection Of Minorities Worth The Suppression Of Speech? The Effects Of Political Co...2020Gibbs, Taylor StudentGovernment and Justice Studies - Student, ASU
Judgement Of Utterance Appropriateness In Language-Normal And Language-Impaired Children1982Payne, Susan LuanneStudentSpeech Pathology - Student, ASU
Principals' Awareness Of Public School Speech And Language Programs1982Freeman, Ellen DeniseStudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
The Relationship Of Disfluencies To The Rate Of Speech1980Blackley, Lynn GanttStudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
Screening Assessment Of Communication In Everyday Situations1982Odom, Tina AliciaStudentSpeech Pathology and Audiology - Student, ASU
Selected Aspects Of Syntax In Mountain Children1979Scruggs, Sara StudentSpeech Pathology - Student, ASU
A Study Of Physical Factors In Relationship To Reading Retardation1954Harmon, Lena MaeStudentEducation - Student, ASU
Teacher Attitudes Toward Mountain Speech In Elementary School Children1981Upchurch, Pamela RiceStudentSpeech Pathology - Student, ASU
Teacher's Supportive Interactions According To Perceptions Of Language Abilities1982Brock, Donna JeanneStudentSpeech Pathology - Student, ASU
The Use Of The Semantic Differential For Measuring Attitude Towards Speech Communication1979Walters, Court C.StudentSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU