Chelsea Christine Stith

  • Music - Student, ASU

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The Effects of Musical Tempo and Dynamic Range on Heart Rate Variability in Healthy Adults: A Counterbalanced, Within-Subjects Study 2015 10966 Music therapists often use music to facilitate changes in physiological functioning. In order to better inform the selection and creation of such music, this study explored the influence of tempo and dynamic range on heart rate variability. Two guita...
Supplemental File: Audio example 60 BPM 2015 563 Supplemental file: audio example 60 BPM
Supplemental File: Audio example 90 BPM 2015 443 Supplemental File: Audio example 90 BPM
Supplemental File: Compressed Audio 2015 516 Supplemental File: Compressed Audio
Supplemental File: Uncompressed Audio 2015 476 Supplemental File: Uncompressed Audio