Thought suppression in the context of the normative window model of prejudice

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Hannah Buie (Creator)
Western Carolina University (WCU )
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Thomas Ford

Abstract: The following study presents a novel investigation of the moderating role of social norms in the suppression of stereotype-related thoughts and the subsequent rebound effect, hypothesizing that suppressing stereotyping thoughts regarding certain social groups leads to a greater rebound effect than suppressing stereotyping thoughts about other social groups. This experiment showed no evidence that social norms prescribing the way one should think about prejudice against a certain social group moderates the rebound effect. Participants in the suppression condition experienced the rebound effect, however the rebound effect was not significantly different across target social groups. While my results replicate past research in demonstrating the rebound effect across conditions, the results did not support my hypothesis as I did not find a significant difference in ease of thought suppression between social groups.

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Language: English
Date: 2019
Thought suppression
Social norms

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