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Jordan Richard Krutsch (Creator)
Western Carolina University (WCU )
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Morgan Kennedy

Abstract: While playing and investigating with an array of materials, objects, and processes in the studio, I try to make sense of how I experience the world around me. This experimentation and play, combined with an ever-present curiosity brings me to an underlying question in my present work –How does someone come to determine what is considered final when considering the ‘life’ of a piece? Is it a finished product? Is it constantly changing or developing? What, if any, is its final state? My research shows itself in kinetic installations, drawing machines, robots, and other various machines that I adapt to the locale. When making my work I choose to design hand-made components and source found and re-appropriated objects, further expanding communication through a visual vernacular. Much of the work, shown as installation, allows for travel to different environs sparking new questions, which in turn, lead to more avenues fueling my excitement and curiosity further. Arranging and displaying my artwork in each setting or context it encounters is an interesting challenge and critical to its operation. Finally the viewers’ reactions and engagement helps inform my practice.

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Language: English
Date: 2017
Drawing Machine, Electronic Art, Installation, Kinetic Art, New Media, Sculpture
Machinery in art
Interactive art
Kinetic art

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