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Tay, Peter


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A novel shape feature to classify microcalcifications 2010 591 Clinical evident shows that the shape of mammographic calcification is an indicator of the pathology. Microcalcifications (MC) with rough shape are early signs of malignant breast cancer. This thesis proposed a shape metric to help radiologist in cla...
A novel image enhancement method for mammogram images 2013 2326 Breast cancer has been reported by American Cancer Society as the second leading cause of death among all the cancers of women. It is also reported that the early detection of breast cancer can improve survival rate by allowing a wider range of tre...
A novel memory-based pattern recognition system 2013 20 This thesis proposes a novel method for learning and pattern recognition. The algorithm presented relies entirely on memory arranged in a custom hierarchical data structure which shifts the workload from the processor to memory. The structure and f...