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O’Connell, Seán


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Diversity patterns of 16S rDNA of bacteria and amoA of Archaea and bacteria from eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) rhizosphere soil 2009 577 Traditionally microbial communities were assessed through culturing, which limits the populations detected. Molecular techniques are becoming more popular when assessing microbial communities. To illustrate gene variability between sites terminal ...
Comparison of bacterial communities in living eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) rhizospheres versus presumably dead eastern hemlock rhizospheres 2012 418 The purpose of this study was to identify bacterial species associated with the rhizosphere of living and dead hemlocks (those that have been likely killed by adelgid infestation). Study of the bacterial diversity associated with the rhizosphere of h...
Increased fungal diversity associated with Aphaenogaster spp. : more evidence for keystone mutualisms 2012 1099 Food webs in Southern Appalachian forest soils are complex. Because of climate uncertainty, it is imperative that we gain a baseline understanding of the nutrient fluxes associated with each trophic level of the forest ecosystem. Microbial carbon ...