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Tomas, Carmelo


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Comparison of four clones of the ichthyotoxic flagellate Prymnesium 2009 1069 Since the mid 1980s blooms of the ichthyotoxic flagellate Prymnesium parvum have resulted in recurrent fish kills in Texas lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. South Carolina experienced a bloom of P. parvum in a brackish golf course pond in summer 2001....
Growth of natural phytoplankton populations of Wilson Bay : a nutrient bioassay approach 2009 719 Wilson Bay is a shallow estuarine embayment found within the New River Estuary. Previous work sponsored by NC WRRI examined phytoplankton bloom species composition, rainfall and nutrient levels within the New River Estuary. This study focused on th...
Environmental regulation of toxin production : comparison of hemolytic activity of Amphidinium carterae and Amphidinium klebsii 2009 2116 Many phytoplankton blooms consist of dinoflagellates or diatoms that produce toxins, physical irritants, or noxious effects. While most shellfish that bioaccumulate HAB toxins are not always severely affected, many finfish have adverse reactions to t...