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Song, Bongkeun


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Detection, diversity, and activity on anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria (Anammox) in the Cape Fear River Estuary 2009 3458 Anammox is a new pathway in the nitrogen cycle, in which NH4+ oxidiation is coupled to NO2- reduction to produce N2. Anammox was first discovered in a wastewater treatment plant in 1995, and the process was attributed to bacteria that branch deeply...
Molecular determination of arsenate respiring bacteria in estuarine sediments and groundwater 2009 1663 Arsenic is a well-known metalloid and carcinogen with both natural and anthropogenic origins. Arsenic occurs naturally in the environment as two primary inorganic forms: arsenate [As(V)] and arsenite [As(III)]. Microbes mediate the presence and qu...
Molecular determination of diatom community dynamics in Onslow Bay, NC, and Monterey Bay, CA 2009 1242 Diatoms are one of the major primary producers supporting food webs in the ocean. Their productivity could be linked to community composition. Temporal and spatial variation of diatom communities may correlate with nitrogen sources and availability...