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Almeida, Paulo


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Investigation of protein-induced formation of lipid domains and their dynamics using fluorescence energy transfer 2009 541 An important feature in the current understanding of membrane structure is the existence of lipid domains. Lipid domain formation was observed in an experimental lipid bilayer system containing an equilibrium mixture of glycerophospholipids and raf...
Effect of membrane thickness and unsaturation on dye efflux rates induced by [delta]-Lysin from phosphatidylcholine vesicles 2009 858 An important region of the cellular membrane that appears to have major influence on membrane-peptide interactions is the hydrophobic acyl chain region. In this study two lipid series were used to determine whether specificity towards membranes is ...
Concentration dependent ¹H-NMR chemical shifts of quinoline derivatives 2009 6371 Quinolines are an important group of heterocyclic compounds that are found in many biologically active natural products and synthetic molecules. The non-exchangeable hydrogens of quinolines have been shown to have unusual concentration dependent c...