Obesity's Claim on America

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Sandra Cross

Abstract: Obesity has flooded America in the past two or three decades; so much it is presently called a national epidemic. Obesity along with being overweight has not been limited to just the American adult population either; childhood obesity is becoming an apparent problem sadly. With increased attention given to this health issue, it is important to not reduce it to an issue of appearance; this health condition is far more severe than fitting into a certain pant size. Obesity is a chronic disease which increases a person's risk for development of other chronic diseases or premature death. As mentioned before, children are becoming susceptible to this national epidemic and the concern of their health has taken a backseat in the school domain. Due to this and my partiality to Pembroke's children, I decided to pursue a research project at the Pembroke Elementary School (PES). A needs assessment was conducted as a part of my evaluation on the healthiness of the school, as well as personal interviews with the teachers, including the physical education teacher. Results showed an alarming trend; the students at PES reported extremely low levels of activity, high amounts of television watching and poor nutritional habits. From there, a healthy teacher task force was formed and we decided our focus would be on physical activity component. Today, a health awareness campaign as well as a school-wide and community-wide fundraiser is underway. Students and teachers are walking daily and recording miles paced. A Walk-a-Thon will take place to culminate the efforts of those who helped, bring further awareness to childhood obesity and the importance of regular exercise and also raise money for a track or walkway that will be built for the students, teachers and parents to use.

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Honors Project
Language: English
Date: 2006
Obesity, Chronic Illness, Children, Health Awareness Campaign, Pembroke Elementary School (PES)

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