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Agenda Setting: the Media’s Role in Abolishing the Death Penalty in New Jersey (Student Work)2010Schmidt, Tiffany Bachelor of ScienceHonors College, Mass Communication, UNCP
Analysis of Frog Calling Patterns in and adjacent to the Lumber River (Student Work)2015Ebaugh, Lindsey C.Bachelor of Science in Biology with Zoology ConcenHonors College, Biology Department, UNCP
An Analysis of Students' Perceptions of Electronic Note Taking (Student Work)2015Davis, Anthony Bachelor of Science in Computer ScienceHonors College, Math and Computer Science Dept, UNCP
Anthropology: The Incurable Disease (Student Work)1990Locklear, Hayes AlanBachelor of ArtsChancellor's Scholars - American Indian Studies, UNCP
Antietam: A Failure To Achieve Victory (Student Work)2006Martin, Thomas JordanBachelor of ArtsHonors College - History, UNCP
At the Water Cooler: The Effect of Gender and Innuendo on Workplace Interactions (Student Work)2016LaBeau, Melanie Bachelor of ScienceEsther G. Maynor Honors College, Psychology , UNCP
Athletic Connections: An Athletic Learning Outreach Program (Student Work)2016Slavin, Jack M. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Esther G. Maynor Honors College, Business Admin., UNCP
Authoritarianism: Validation of the Balanced F scale through Observer Ratings (Student Work)1982Locklear, Ervin Bachelor of ScienceChancellor's Scholars - Psychology, UNCP
Being a Sports Agent: Examining the Profession of Athlete Representation (Student Work)2014Stone, Ricky R.B.S., Exercise and Sport ScienceHealth, Physical Education & Recreation, UNCP
Beyond the Beakers (Student Work)2009Queen, Anna E.Bachelor of ScienceHonors College, Biology, UNCP
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis as Compared with the Gold Standard in Terms of Validity and... (Student Work)2013Langston, Candace Bachelor of ScienceHonors College, Exercise and Sport Science, UNCP
Bird Habitation and Species Diversity on UNCP’s Campus (Student Work)2016Patanella, Kenley Bachelor of ScienceEsther G. Maynor Honors College, Biology, UNCP
Boys and Girls Club Fundraiser (Student Work)2014Jacobs, Benjamin Bachelor of ScienceHonors College, Exercise and Sports Science, UNCP
Bridging the Gap (Student Work)2010Kinder, Samantha Bachelor of ScienceHonors College - Mass Communication, UNCP
A Brief History of the Mathematics Curricula in the United States (Student Work)2017Cooper, Taylor BS MathematicsEsther G. Maynor Honors College, Mathematics, UNCP
The CARE Resource Center at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke (Student Work)2014Doughty, Ashlee B.S.,Business Administration: EntrepreneurshipSchool of Business, UNCP
Catalyzing the Reaction: High School Seniors -- College Chemists (Student Work)2009Brassard, Kimberly Bachelor of ScienceHonors College - Chemistry, UNCP
Characterizing the Antibacterial Properties of Chimaphila maculate (Student Work)2017McLean, K’Yana Bachelor of ScienceEsther G. Maynor Honors College, UNCP
Citizen-Centric Report: Governmental Accounting for the Everyday Citizen (Student Work)2012Stoker, Courtney Bachelor of Science Honors College, Accounting, UNCP
Cloning and Characterization of the Amino Terminal 30% of Retinoid and Fatty Acid Binding Gl... (Student Work)2009Bowman, Ashley D.Bachelor of ScienceHonors College - Biology, UNCP
A Closer Look at Factors Surrounding Beginning Teacher Attrition (Student Work)2013Lowery, Glenda J.Bachelor of Science in Elementary EducationHonors College, Elementary Education, UNCP
A Comparative Analysis of International Teacher Preparation Programs (Student Work)2016Perez-Cortez, Mireida Bachelor of ScienceMathematics and Computer Science, UNCP
Comparative Analysis of Trace Soil Evidence by Infrared Microspectrometry (Student Work)2011Bacon, Natasha A.Bachelor of Science Honors College, Chemistry & Physics, UNCP
A comparative study of specific nuclear binding of estrogen in some target and nontarget org... (Student Work)1982Jones, Alfreda Bachelor of ScienceChancellor's Scholars - Biology, UNCP
Comparison and Analysis of ADH Isozymes from a Population of Chrysoma pauciflosculosa (Student Work)2004Winter, Andrea M.Bachelor of ScienceHonors College - Biology, UNCP