Parents speak : what are their perceptions of their children’s experiences in a 90/10 one-way language immersion program?

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Abstract: Dual Language programs can be found across the globe and they offer learners opportunities to become immersed in a new language. The purpose of my study was to investigate parents’ perceptions of their children’s experiences in a one-way 90/10 dual language program that began in elementary school and has continued into secondary school. I interviewed ten parents whose children are currently involved with dual language at the secondary level and asked them to share their experiences and insights on programmatic features as well as areas of concern that schools in the program may need to address. I aimed to examine parents’ understanding of the experiences that their child has had over time and the programmatic features parents favor that prompted them to extend their child’s continued participation into the secondary level. I found that parents valued outcomes the program generated, including preparing their child to be a global citizen, enabling them to achieve content mastery, and encouraging them to take responsibility and become independent. Parents also identified challenges with their child maintaining engagement with the adopted language along the way, primarily during transitions from elementary to middle and middle to high school. In analyzing my findings, I examined how the concept of self-interest related to parent decision-making. I hope that the results of my study will allow school and district leaders, like myself, to consider approaches to enhance the structural aspects of a dual language program already in operation.

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Language: English
Date: 2023
90 10 language programs, Cultural education, Dual-language, Global education, Immersion programs, Parent perspectives
Immersion method (Language teaching)
Second language acquisition
Education, Bilingual
Parents $x Attitudes

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