Two stories of man and woman

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Fred Chappell

Abstract: The two stories that comprise this thesis are entitled "The Legend of the Happy Swimming Pool" and "Gloria's Day in the Pasture." They are stories that focus on the topic of the relations between man and woman. The first story, "The Legend of the Happy Swimming Pool," is indebted for its title to the poet; James Dickey, who, in a documentary film showing a conversation between him and the poet Robert Lowell, first used the phrase. He goes on in the conversation to explain what he means by the phrase that issues out of a recurring dream ne has had. Part of that explanation is used in a segment of the story, and it was the explanation that was the germ of an idea that brought the story into being. It is a relatively snail part. The story concerns the return of Gabriel Rimini to his home town, Arno, where the movie made from his novel, Before We're Old, is having its first showing. Rimini reads from the novel on the stage of the old theater that was largely responsible for his adolescent imaginings. Within the story the reading concerns the return of a man to his home town, where he meets his old girlfriend at a class reunion. The man and woman in the novel fall in love again. But when Rimini's reading is over, he meets the daughter of his old girlfriend and has to come to grips with his conception of illusion and reality. The technical consideration of point of view played an important part in the creation of the story.

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Language: English
Date: 1974

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