Seven figures

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Iola Peed Wilhelm (Creator)
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Gilbert Carpenter

Abstract: My thesis show consists of seven figures, three in terra cotta, two in wax, and two in terra cotta and plaster. I work exclusively with human bodies, both male and female. I am interested in figures charged with mental and physical energy. For me, the figure in movement is most expressive of this energy. In sculpture, positioning of the body in space, and the tensions that result within the structure from this positioning, reveal the state of consciousness of the figure. I choose poses that imply the prior position and the following position of the body: the pose chosen is not credible for me as a static pose, but credible only as a state of transition from one position to another. While maintaining the inherent unity of the figure as a figure, I elongate the body, twist it, bend the back, and otherwise adjust its anatomy and proportion to coincide with my idea of the credibility of the figure in a specific pose so that the figure carries only connotations that I accept. The power of a particular image may exist wholly in the twist of the torso; I do not believe that the head must be the dominant emotive structure. All that I would express in the figure I feel I can express with the head as a subordinate or an equal emotive structure to the limbs and torso. I believe body language to be a less deceiving form of visual communication than facial expression.

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Language: English
Date: 1974

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