Paintings in oils and acrylics

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Theolander Taylor (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Andrew Martin

Abstract: In this group of paintings I have explored a number of possibilities for arranging geometric--essentially architectural--forms in a spacial setting as a vehicle or means for statements about my own experience in life thus far. They are, in a sense, a contemplation of this experience, seen as a series of shifting appearances, of open and closed structures that dissolve and reform as the observer moves within it. To this extent, they are metaphoric statements in which I have attempted to fix as concisely as possible some aspects of my own reality of living stripped of anecdotal content, while allowing the painting as much self-sufficiency as possible as an object with its own presence, its own conditions and implications. In some cases the paintings operate as clearly defined forms caught in a subdued light. Shifts in the direction of a surface or overlaps may create ambiguities in the reading that cause sudden changes in the orientation of forms. Elsewhere, subtle alterations in color or in the texture of the paint condition the position of a space or surface. Linear elements may carry vestiges of representation: parallel lines arranged in expanding or diminishing intervals suggest the fluting of a column; the outer edge of a parallelogram expands to form a labyrinth, while its inside contour encloses a space within which a knife-like form can become a guillotine. But such readings are the personal excursions of the viewer along its pathways.

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Language: English
Date: 1971

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