Division of child care, parenting roles, and parent-child relationship quality in same-sex headed families

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Roger Mills-Koonce

Abstract: This study examined division of child care, parenting roles, and parent-child relationship quality, both within and across same-sex couples. Analyses were carried out both at the individual level and at the couple level. The utilization of same-sex couples allowed for a quasi-experimental way of teasing apart parental sex and role, which are often conflated in other-sex couple research regarding parent-child relationships. The sample included 238 coresiding same-sex parents living across the United States who participated in online questionnaires. Results indicated that division of child care did not vary at the family level based on sex of the couple or family formation type, but within step families original parents did engage in more child care than step parents. Perceived parenting roles were associated with division of child care, and couples fell into three parenting classification groups: egalitarian (48.8%), primary-secondary (16.3%), and mismatched (34.9%) based on their egalitarianism and congruence of perceived roles. Primary and equal caregivers had higher ratings of parent-child closeness than did secondary caregivers, even when controlling for whether the parent was an original or step parent. These findings highlight the need to consider both sex and role when investigating parent-child relationships.

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Language: English
Date: 2017
Division of Child Care, LGBT, Parent-Child Relationships, Parenting Roles, Same-Sex
Child rearing
Parent and child
Children of gay parents $x Family relationships
Gay parents $x Family relationships
Stepparents $x Family relationships

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