A screen for modifiers of teflon identifies novel components of the meiotic segregation pathway in male Drosophila melanogaster

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John Tomkiel

Abstract: The teflon (tef) gene is required specifically for ensuring adhesion between autosomes in male meiosis. In tef mutants, autosomal homologs pair correctly, but separate prior to metaphase, resulting in random segregation of homologs at meiosis I. To identify genes that interact with tef, we have performed a screen for dominant second site modifiers of a hypomorphic allele, tefP1150. We have tested the third chromosome deficiency kit, which spans ~90% of the third chromosome, as well as a collection of previously identified male meiotic mutants (Wakimoto et al. 2004). We identified 11 regions containing Enhancers, and 6 regions containing Suppressors of tef. One of the enhancing deletions removes mod(mdg4), which has been previously proposed to interact with tef to ensure autosomal conjugation (Thomas et al. 2005). A second enhancer was mapped to autophagy specific gene 2 (atg2), which is a novel component of the meiotic homolog segregation pathway in Drosophila males."--Abstract from author supplied metadata.

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Language: English
Date: 2007
teflon (tef) gene, required, adhesion, autosomes, male, meiosis
Drosophila melanogaster--Genetics
Genetic screening

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