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A ruthenium complex with 1,5-di- phenyl-3-thiocarbazone (dithizone) as monodentate ligands: ...2003Walsh, Jerome "Jerry"FacultyChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
The Russo-Chechen Conflict: Multilevel and Multimodal Transformation2014Askerov, Ali FacultyPeace and Conflict Studies, UNCG
The Russian peasant : his world before the Revolution1952DeWitt, Glenna StudentHistory, UNCG
Russian Medical Care in the 1990s: A User's Perspective1997Brown, Julie VFacultySociology, UNCG
Rural women in career transition: A look at Schlossberg’s situation, self, supports, and str...2006Benshoff, James M.FacultyCounseling and Educational Development, UNCG
Rural students, aspirations, motivation, and music education : why don't more rural student...2007Sheek, James L.StudentEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG
A Rural Math, Science, and Technology Elementary School Tangled up in Global Networks of Pra...2009Carlone, Heidi B. FacultyTeacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG
Rural Kenyan Luo women's lived experiences : an interpretation1996Opiyo, Felicia A.StudentHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG
Rural e-Commerce in Developing Countries2018Kshetri, Nir B.FacultyManagement, UNCG
Rural Community College Nontraditional Women: Overcoming Educational Barriers2008Phillips, Nancy S.StudentTeacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG
Rural attitudes toward the negro in North Carolina, 1875-19001969Chandler, Martin BellStudentHistory and Political Science, UNCG
Rural America: A call for nurses to address mental health issues.2002Brown, Hazel N.FacultyNursing, UNCG
Rumination and inhibitory difficulties: exploring the role of state rumination with emotiona...2014Foxworth, Tamara StudentPsychology, UNCG
A rule-based semantic approach for data integration, standardization and dimensionality redu...2019Nemati, Hamid R.FacultyInformation Systems and Supply Chain Management, UNCG
A rule-based semantic approach for data integration, standardization and dimensionality redu...2019Sadri, Fereidoon "Fred"FacultyComputer Science, UNCG
The Rule of Opposites: A Paradigm for Counseling Native Americans1996Myers, Jane E.FacultyCounseling and Educational Development, UNCG
Ruin creek road : street poems1976Sainte-Pierre, Raymond R-J.StudentEnglish, UNCG
The Rubin Museum of Art: Re-framing Religion for Aesthetic Spirituality.2006Grieve, Gregory PriceFacultyReligious Studies, UNCG
Rubble2007Briley, Phoebe LStudentStudio Art, UNCG
Rousseau on the education of women1979Misenheimer, Helen EvansStudentEducation, UNCG
Round Table on Malignant Hyperthermia in Physically Active Populations: Meeting Proceedings2017Adams, William M. FacultyKinesiology, UNCG
Rou 42007Schraeder, Anthony JStudentStudio Art, UNCG
Rou 32007Schraeder, Anthony JStudentStudio Art, UNCG
Rou 22007Schraeder, Anthony JStudentStudio Art, UNCG
Rou 12007Schraeder, Anthony JStudentStudio Art, UNCG
Rotifers in arctic North America with particular reference to their role in microplankton co...1998Rublee, Parke A.FacultyBiology, UNCG
Rote rehearsal and spacing effects in the free recall of pure and mixed lists2008Delaney, Peter F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Rotating shiftwork and links to family participation : family life preferences and satisfact...1984McCoy, Peg StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Ross on Duty and Ignorance1988McConnell, Terrance C.FacultyPhilosophy, UNCG
“Rosebud” and the “Glass Ball”: Two Tricks to the Myth-Making of Citizen Kane2016Damasceno, Paula StudentMedia Studies, UNCG
Rosario Castellanos: feminista innovadora y revolucionaria del México de mitad de siglo2018Arango-Sosa, Cinthia StudentLanguages, Literatures, and Cultures, UNCG
The Roots of Enterprise: Black Owned Businesses in Virginia, 1830-18801992Schweninger, Loren L.FacultyHistory, UNCG
Root caries patterns and risk factors of middle-aged and elderly people in China2009Wu, Bei FacultyGerontology, UNCG
Ronsard's Eutrapelian Gaillardise2003Campo, Roberto E.FacultyLanguages, Literatures, and Cultures, UNCG
Ronald Roseman: A Biographical Description and Study of his Teaching Methodology2008Lampidis, Anna StudentMusic, UNCG
Romidepsin (Istodax, NSC 630176, FR901228, FK228, Depsipeptide): A Natural Product Recently ...2011Oberlies, Nicholas FacultyChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
Romidepsin (Istodax, NSC 630176, FR901228, FK228, Depsipeptide): A Natural Product Recently ...2011Pearce, Cedric JFacultyChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
Romanticism after Eliot : the continuance of the romantic movement in twentieth-century Amer...1982Davidson, Robert GregoryStudentEnglish, UNCG
The romantic spirit in American painting, 1800-18701964Moore, Virginia DeeAnneStudentHistory, UNCG
The romantic concept of the poet-prophet and its culmination in Walt Whitman1970Mackay, Helen HoneycuttStudentEnglish, UNCG
The roles of want to commitment and have to commitment in explaining physical activity behav...2011Gill, Diane L.FacultyKinesiology, UNCG
Roles of religious involvement and social support in the risk of colon cancer among Blacks a...2003Dudley, William N.FacultyHealth and Human Sciences, UNCG
The roles of reinforcement sensitivity and cognitive appraisals in predicting coping strateg...2012Williams, Ann M.StudentPsychology, UNCG
The Roles of Habit and Web Site Quality in E-Commerce2006Palvia, Prashant FacultyInformation Systems and Supply Chain Management, UNCG
Roles of endothelial dysfunction and injury in mercury-induced cardiotoxicity2019Fowler, Joshua StudentBiology, UNCG
The roles of citizenship status, acculturation and health insurance in breast and cervical c...2006Echeverría, Sandra E. FacultyPublic Health Education, UNCG
Role Strain in Collegiate Athletic Training Approved Clinical Instructors2008Henning, Jolene M.FacultyKinesiology, UNCG
A role repertory grid measure of subjects' perception of parent-peer differentiation1970Biggerstaff, Carolyn JaneStudentPsychology, UNCG
Role perceptions and communication in partnerships between preschool teachers and families 2007Connelly, Susan StudentSpecialized Education Services, UNCG
The role of working memory capacity and mind wandering in creativity and insight2013Smeekens, Bridget A.StudentPsychology, UNCG