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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
The Office of Innovation Commercialization and the Promotion & Tenure Process2013Goble, Lisa A.FacultyUNCG
Organizational influences on patient perceptions of symptom management2009Bacon, Cynthia FacultyAdult Health Nursing, UNCG
Overview and Summary: Healthy Nurses: Perspectives on Caring for Ourselves2014Letvak, Susan A.FacultyAdult Health Nursing, UNCG
An Object-Oriented Approach to Extracting Productive Fossil Localities from Remotely Sensed ...2015Nachman, Brett A.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Observations on Political Ideology in Complex Societies in the Tropics-and Elsewhere.2008Helms, Mary W.FacultyAnthropology , UNCG
Of Kings and Contexts: Ethnohistorical Interpretations of Miskito Political Structure and Fu...1986Helms, Mary W.FacultyAnthropology , UNCG
The Oxford Handbook of the Incas. Sonia Alconini & R. Alan Covey, editors [book review]2019Nash, Donna FacultyAnthropology , UNCG
The origin of the Acheulean: the 1.7 million-year-old site of FLK West, Olduvai Gorge (Tanza...2015Egeland, Charles P.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
On meat eating and human evolution: a taphonomic analysis of BK4b (Upper Bed II, Olduvai Gor...2014Egeland, Charles P.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
On engagement with Anthropology: A critical evaluation of skeletal and developmental abnorma...2018Robbins Schug, Gwen FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Oil paintings and pencil drawings1975Davis, Troy TimmonsStudentArt, UNCG
Object lessons2018Kent, Linda A.StudentArt, UNCG
An Object-Oriented Approach to Extracting Productive Fossil Localities from Remotely Sensed ...2015Anemone, Robert FacultyBiological Anthropology and Paleoanthropology, UNCG
Origin, Reactivity, and Bioavailability of Mercury in Wildfire Ash2018Tsui, Martin Tsz-KiFacultyBiology, UNCG
Oxidative stress in spinal cord injury and antioxidant-based intervention2012Jia, Zhenquan FacultyBiology, UNCG
Occam’s Razor Cuts Both Ways: Endophytes, Resource Allocation, Herbivory, and Mutualism: A R...2010Faeth, Stanley H.FacultyBiology, UNCG
Oviposition site-selection of Phlebotomus papatasi: the effects of conspecific stages2018Kowacich, Dannielle JosephineStudentBiology, UNCG
On Deterministic and Stochastic Models of Kleptoparasitism2009Remington, David L.FacultyBiology, UNCG
Onset of reproduction in plants: size-versus age-dependency1986Lacey, Elizabeth P.FacultyBiology, UNCG
The Office of Innovation Commercialization and the Promotion & Tenure Process2013Henrich, Vincent C.FacultyBiology, UNCG
Optimizing Learning of Scientific Category Knowledge in the Classroom: The Case of Plant Ide...2014Kirchoff, Bruce K.FacultyBiology, UNCG
Ovary structure in the Costaceae (Zingiberales)1992Kirchoff, Bruce K.FacultyBiology, UNCG
Ovary structure and anatomy in the Heliconiaceae and Musaceae (Zingiberales)1992Kirchoff, Bruce K.FacultyBiology, UNCG
On the relationship between phyllotaxy and vasculature1984Kirchoff, Bruce K.FacultyBiology, UNCG
Outdoor ventures: Tracking Eastern Box Turtles2003Somers, Ann B.FacultyBiology, UNCG